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Robot Benefits

Here's Why a USABotics Robot Makes Sense

Super-Fast Set Up

USABotics has transformed the way robots are shipped, set up, programmed and deployed.

From our “bot-in-a-box” turn-key solutions to custom built robotic systems, we can help you automate your facility. We can help you speed up production, improve quality and reduce down-time.

With a USABotics robot, you can reduce waste, control costs and ensure timely deliveries to customers.

Easy Re-Deployment

Our robots aren’t limited to a single location or deployment. Because they are lightweight and mobile, you can easily re-deploy them to multiple locations and applications. Set up is fast, easy and flexible making these machines ideal for small runs and fast change-overs. And with our ProBotic software, you can store and re-use programs for recurrent projects.

ProBotic™ Software

Our software provides key performance indicators (KPIs) directly to decision makers on a customizable dashboard. This brings data from the factory floor, showing machine status, operator identity, cycle counts and more.

Our ProBotic software runs on our easy-to-use, ergonomic teach pendant. It’s so easy to program that even non-technical office staff can do it. With intuitive drag technology, you simply position the robot’s arm to desired waypoints and click the enter key on the touchscreen.

The ProBotic software allows for fast set up and deployment and lets you store hundreds of jobs easily and securely.

No Integration Mystery

We don’t shroud the installation of our robots in the mysterious “integration” process. Every other robot manufacture uses integrators to design and install their products. This cost can be nearly 60% of the price you end up paying. With our ‘bot-in-box’ products, our machines can be up in running the same day you receive it – and you can do it all yourself.

Ultra-Quick Return on Investment

The salary alone for a typical labor position ranges from $20,000 to $40,000 a year. Add to that any other paid benefits – then the hassle of keeping that person on the job, trained. How much of your time is spent dealing with staffing issues? This includes the time it takes to find qualified workers, interview them, training, dealing with health and personal issues, trusting them to show up and do their job, dealing with interpersonal problems and so on.

Robots don’t need the attention that humans do, nor hinder the work process because of health or personal issues. They don’t ask for time off, they are always on time, and they can work three shifts a day without complaint.

On average, our robots pay for themselves within the first year of deployment. After that, your headaches are reduced and your profits increase.



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