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About USABotics

-- A Bit of Our Story --


More Than a Decade . . .

We've been in the automation business for more than a decade, provide solutions and making happy customers all along the way. You can take a look at a list of some of our customers here and read some of our customer's comments here.

Our two founding partners have more than 70 years of business experience, which has translated into a customer-focused company work ethic. When we're in the shop, we never let the phone ring more than twice, before we pick up. We want our customers to feel important and know that we'll always do our best to keep them happy.

Although our main facility is in Utah, we have have offices in the Phillippines, Korea and China and have customers throughout the world. Currently we import some of our machine components from overseas and assemble our finished products here in the U.S. Soon we will build all of our machines here in America and keep jobs and revenue right here at home.

We believe we have some of the most innovative robots in the world and back that up with a full one-year warranty. We offer extended warranties as well.

We also believe we have the most innovative business strategy to bring our products to the marketplace. We don't use manufacturer's representatives or integrators to sell our robots. We sell direct to our customers through our Regional Master Dealer network. Unlike other robot manufacturers, we protect the areas of our dealers and provide them with all the tools they need to service our customers and meet their needs.

Our vision for success revolves around helping American businesses create high-quality, low-cost goods within our borders instead of sending the work offshore.

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