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Make America Great With Robotics


Robots Are the Future

USABotics is a visionary company with an exceptional line of robotic products and an innovative business strategy. Our over-arching goal is to help American manufacturers create high-quality, low-cost products the keep jobs and revenue right here at home, instead of leaking out overseas.

We’re looking for solution-finding thinkers that learn fast and are easy to work with. We want individuals who have learned how to take on responsibility and understand the work ethic of bringing in more value than they are paid. We want engineers who aren’t afraid to answer our phones and office staff that know how to turn a wrench.

If you’re full of energy and ideas and are passionate about technology, electronics, software and robotics – connect with us and let’s arrange a visit.


Current Positions Available

  • Senior Software Director

  • Mechatronics Engineer

  • Mechanical Technician


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