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Getting Started with the Right Robot

USABotics Robots Make the Right Fit

Which USABotics Robot Is Right For You?

What is it you want your robot to do?

Are you looking to replace a laborer who runs a machine all day, doing the same thing over and over?
Our RUKA 4/5 axis, pick and place robot would be called for here.

Do you need to move material across your warehouse? Our RAZA 4 axis gantry robot would fill that bill.

Running an injection molding machine? The KATA 4 axis gantry suits this need perfectly.

Are you running a waterjet cutter? Our NUMA, 4 axis pneumatic robot is ideal for that application.

Welding, painting, or polishing? One of our ZETA, 6 axis robot can handle those tasks with ease.

Does your project need to run alongside a human operator?
Each of the three sizes of our ZETA, 6 axis robot can be configured as a collaborative robot,
so it can operate safely around humans.


Drawing of ZETA Robot by USABotics


We’ve designed our line of robots to address all kinds of applications.
So whether you know what you need or would like us to help you decide,
we can deliver a robot that is exactly right for you.


Superior Craftsmanship and Service

USABotics is known for its superior craftmanship and service


From our elegant designs and high-quality craftsmanship to our superior customer service - we keep our focus on Excellence in Automation.

Engineering Consultation

A fast way to be underway buying your new robot is to have us show up at your facility and take a look at your project.
We'll take photos, video and measurements and then provide you with a 3D drawing of the automated solution.
Once we get a feel for what you want to accomplish, we can recommend the right robot and get you up and running.

Set Up and Training

As an extra service to our customers, we are happy to help you set up your robot and provide initial training.
We provide additional training as well, either at our facility or yours.

Contact Us Today!

Send us an email or give us a call today and let us help you select the right robot for your particular project.