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Reduce Labor Positions

Installing our robots removes the HR headache of having to repeatedly hire and train people – for every labor position they replace.


Minimize Costs

With our robots, there are no payroll or withholding taxes, no health benefits, and no ongoing training.


Increase Production

Our robots offer a superior method for rapidly improving production. They don’t ask for time off, don’t get paid for over-time and they will work three shifts in a row without complaining.


Improve Product Quality

By design, our robots are precision instruments. They perform repetitious motions, exactly the same, over and over. When you eliminate the possibility of human error, your quality goes up on every run.


Maximize Your Revenue

The cost of one of our robots is about the same as the yearly pay of an average worker. Once the robot is paid for, the savings in labor is all yours.

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USABotics offers several features for all of your business automation needs

Features of Robot Ownership!

  • Elegant software and teaching pendant
  • Easy to program with ‘drag’ technology
  • Fast project set up and deployment
  • Quick change-overs
  • Make run adjustments on the fly
  • Store and deploy hundreds of projects
  • Ideal for short-runs and prototyping
  • Run 24/7 with or without tending
  • Continuous, mistake free operation

Meet Our Robots!

All of our robots come ready to run and include a full one-year warranty.

Click on the images below to learn about each one.

The RUKA - 4/5 Axis Pick-and-Place Robot
The RUKA - 4/5 Axis Pick-and-Place Robot

Designed for up to 25 pound payloads, this pick-and-place robot can be programmed for multiple projects and easily moved throughout your facility.

The KATA - 4/5 Axis Injection Molding Robot
The KATA - 4/5 Axis Injection Molding Robot

This robust robot can be configured above, below or to the side of your molding machinery to facilitate easy extraction and movement of your finished goods.

The RAZA - 4/5 Axis Gantry Robot
The RAZA - 4/5 Axis Gantry Robot

With the motor assembly on top of our gantry robot system, you can easily move materials any distance across your facility.

The NUMA - 4 Axis Pneumatic Robot
The NUMA - 4 Axis Pneumatic Robot

Using pneumatic actuators instead of solenoids, this robot can be used in specialized applications like water-jet cutting.

The ZETA - 6 Axis Robot
The ZETA - 6 Axis Pneumatic Robot

The versatility of this robot allows you to perform nearly anykind of product manipulation, including welding, painting, polishing as well as other precise movements.

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Benefits of owning a Robot by USABotics

Benefits of Robot Ownership!

  • Never late for work
  • Doesn’t get sick
  • Works three shifts without complaint
  • Accurately performs repetitive, boring tasks
  • No hiring or HR issues
  • Pays for itself in a year or less
  • No expensive integration
  • Financing available
  • Full Warranty